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  • Twilight Zone

    Enter the Twilight Zone and see if you can groove your way through this dimension!

  • Fluorescent Park

    Blast through the Ultra Violet Rays and lets see you GLOW!

  • Time Tunnel

    Its time to go back to the future and see a whole new Spectrum!

  • Bath

    Bath City Centre DATE: 25th April 2015 TIME: 20.00 WHERE: Bath

  • Windsor

    Eton Dorney: DATE: 25th April 2015 TIME: 20.00 WHERE: Eton Dorney, Dorney, Windsor SL46QP

  • London

    Kempton Park Racecourse DATE: 14th November 2015 TIME: 19.00 WHERE: Staines Road East, Middlesex, TW16 5AQ

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  • Bath

    Check out how you did against the other Glow Runners in Bath!

  • Windsor

    Check out how you did against the other Glow Runners in Windsor

  • London

    Check out how you did against the other Glow Runners in London


It's All About The Glow

Glow in the Park Runs are a series of evening 5km runs, set in locations near you!

We think there’s something quite exciting about running in the dark and Glow in the Park offer you a safe environment to experience this and find your love of night running. Run and dance your way through the Glow Course and see if you can make it through the Strobe, UV lighting and Fog Glow Zones!

It's not just about running - it's all about the GLOW!

Come to the event dressed in your birghtest hi-viz, bring head torches, light sticks and flashing necklaces... anything you can think of that GLOWS! 


Take The Run With You

Exciting Clothing and Glow Products to be up SOON!


Where The Fun Happens

Find out where you can join in the fun at the Glow in the Park Runs!

Click to view on GoogleMaps


Bath City Centre
Date: 18th April 2015
Time: 20.00



Course Map

Click to view on GoogleMaps


Eton Dorney
Date: April 25th 2015 
Time: 20.00


Course Map

Click to view on GoogleMaps


Kempton Park Racecourse
Date: 14th November 2015
Time: 19.00


Course Map


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Want to know how you did in your 5km Glow Run at Kempton Park? Click on the icon below to view the results 

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Charities that are involved with Glow in the Park

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Everything You Need To Know

How much is it to enter?

Individual Runner

£25.00 Entry Fee 

For more information check out the Glow in the Park FB Page 

Group of 4 or more

£20.00 Entry Fee (per person)

For more information check out the Glow in the Park FB Page 

Each group member is assigned an individual bib number and everyone will be listed under one team name. All four individual times will be added together at the end of the event to give an overall team time. All 4 runners will receive a medal. Spot prizes will be given to the most outrageous team costumes!

Am I entered? - Participant List 

To view confirmed entries for Bath please click here

To view confirmed entries for Windsor please click here

To view confirmed entries for London please click here 

How can I ammend my entry?

Please log into your account and there you can ammend any details and enter more events





To be updated soon! 

Can I bring my children?

Yes, children are welcome


The run will start between 19.00 and 20.00, we will be setting people off in groups every 2 minutes within this hour. This gives you the chance to meet with your friends and experience the Glow Zones together

What do I receive with my entry fee?

Runners will receive Glow Paint, Glow Necklace, Race Number, and a Glow Medal on completion of the run. Each event features a unique Glow Experience with 3 spectacular Glow Zones. A Mystery Glow Zone will be included in one of the events

The Course

Extravaganza of light – dance to the beat in our different glow zones. The course is a 5km distance and comprises of three glow zones and each course is joined up by our LED flashing course markers. It’s as simple as keep the red lights on the left and the green lights on the right and run to the next GLOW ZONE 

The Course Maps for all three events will be live on the site soon! 

What are the Glow Zones?

Glow Zone One – Twilight Zone - Fog Lasers and Cool Beats

Glow Zone Two – Fluorescent Park - Ultra Violet Lighting

Glow Zone Three – Time Tunnel - Strobe Lighting

Glow Zone Four – Mystery Zone*

*This Glow Zone will be introduced into one of the locations, you will be notified on Facebook to which one this will be

Do I have to wear a headtorch? 

Yes. Please contact us if you need to buy one and we can point you in the right direction. Silva recommends this one - http://silva.se/node/8657  or take a look at www.silva.se for others 

Are there refunds?

Any event entry cancelation received by email to info@glowinthepark.co.uk more than 14 days prior to the event date will receive a 50% refund or transfer of entry fee towards another Glow in the Park event (£5 transfer fee applies). Only emailed cancelations to info@glowinthepark.co.uk are acceptable. Cancelations made in the last 14 days before the event start date will not be eligible for any refund or transfer

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

Yes you can. It will cost £5 to transfer to another participant. Email info@glowinthepark.co.uk for further details.

Do I get a Race Pack?

No, we will send you your racepack via email two weeks prior to the event, please also check your junk box as sometimes it sneaks into there. You will pick up your glow items and bib number at registration on the night

How can I sign up to the Mailing List?

Windsor Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/7nBj1

Bath Newsletter: http://eepurl.com/1-yMH

Can you look after my belongings on the night?

Unfortunatley we do not have anywhere to store your items, please keep any valuables at home 

Medical Conditions

Please let us know on the online entry page if you have any medical conditions

Photographer Details 

We have a number of photographers that attend our Glow in the Park events. We would like to say a special thanks to Paul Gillis who took some fantastic images on the night at Bath Racecourse. To see more of his images from other events please click here: http://www.paulgillisphoto.com/




Get Involved With Glow In The Park

We are looking for volunteers to help deliver our Glowing Events

Come and help out at either, Bath Racecourse 11th October 2014, Kempton Park Racecourse March 2015* or Eton Dorney 25th April 2015
*Dates TBC

You will receive a FREE Glow in the Park T-Shirt for helping out 

You must be aged 16+ and if you are under 18 we will require parental consent 

Contact Victoria on info@glowinthepark.co.uk for further details

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